Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

3 things you must know before putting your baby in infant-care centre

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Isn’t infant care like hiring a babysitter or a maid, just more expensive?

Many people mistake infant care for a babysitting service that provides routine care like diapering and feeding, and think it’s handled by nannies without much training, says Jamie Loh, principal of Learning Vision @ Kent Ridge infant- and childcare centre.

This gives you peace of mind at work, knowing that your little one will be in good hands, says Charlotte Wong, senior business manager of Kinderland Educare Services.

There is support among the staff, compared to a babysitter or a maid who’s alone. You also won’t have to worry about how clean or safe the babysitter’s home environment is. “Centres are equipped with safe and age-appropriate play equipment or climbing structures to promote physical activities,” Charlotte adds.

A bonus: You’ll make friends with other parents whose babies are enrolled in the centre.  9ma2g1

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