Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Baby Stores Singapore – Mothercare vs Kiddy Palace vs Motherswork vs Pupsik Studio

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Once you have a baby, some of your shopping time naturally gets diverted from H&M and Uniqlo to baby supply stores like Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, Motherswork, and online store Pupsik Studio.

But is there really a difference between these baby stores, or do they all sell the same items at the same prices? Turns out, if you want to get good deals on your baby goods, you have to do some comparison shopping.


Mothercare Singapore

Mothercare has been around in Singapore for so long that it’s likely your own mother bought stuff for you there when you were a baby. They’ve currently got 12 outlets at locations like Forum the Shopping Mall, Paragon, Causeway Point and Parkway Parade, with their flagship store at Harbourfront Centre

Mothercare also has one of the most comprehensive ranges of baby products in Singapore, which makes them a convenient one-stop-shop for everything you might need, from strollers, milk bottles and car seats to clothes for both babies and pregnant mums-to-be

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