PAK’nSAVE gift cards

PAK’nSAVE gift cards are available at the check-out in all stores and come in a variety of values to suit everyone.

PAK'nSAVE Gift CardsPAK’nSAVE Gift Cards are the ideal present for friends and family on birthdays and special occasions, and even make a great reward or bonus incentive for your staff and colleagues.

The beauty of a PAK’nSAVE Gift Card is that not everyone needs ties or perfume, and even chocolates can be tricky, but everyone – from students to the Prime Minister – needs next week’s groceries!

Gift Cards for family

You could give a $25 Gift Card to your parents to thank them for taking care of you, or maybe a $100 Gift Card to help your son or daughter with their first ever grocery shop in their new flat.

Gift Cards for mates

Have your friends just helped you move house? Or has a mate helped you out in a tricky situation? You can say thanks with a PAK’nSAVE Gift Card.

Incentive rewards for your team

Whether your team consists of a group of hard-working people in suits, or athletic rugby or netball players, a PAK’nSAVE Gift Card can make a great incentive to get more results from your crew, or as a surprise reward to recognise a great achievement.

Designed by engineers to be card-shaped

Careful tests have shown that trying to put things like strawberries, custard and cream into envelopes can be a trifle messy. That’s why we’ve designed our Gift Cards to be slim and card-shaped so that you can easily mail them to your lucky pals!

PAK’nSAVE Gift Cards can be redeemed for goods sold at any PAK’nSAVE store in New Zealand. To redeem the Gift Card in store, simply present them to our friendly operators at the time of purchase.

If the price is less than the value remaining on your Gift Card, the balance will remain on your card for use on another occasion.

Get your balance online

You can get the balance of your gift card online. Just go to the Gift Station website and follow the simple to use instructions, or we can provide you with a balance at checkouts.