Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Shop Swedish Food Souvenirs at the Supermarket in Stockholm

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1. Swedish loose candy

Swedish candy food souvenirThe first things I noticed in the Swedish supermarket were the huge bins of Swedish candy, given prime real estate directly in front of the checkout registers. The loose candy bins brought back memories of childhood, when I would beg my mom to add handfuls of Brach’s Milk Maid Royals to our cart (sadly, most US supermarkets have done away with candy bins). But while in the US it is the children who swarm candy bins, in Sweden, adults of all ages jockey for space and load up on the sweets for themselves.

Most Swedish candy is licorice or jelly-based, but you’ll find other yummy goodies mixed in.

2. Swedish packaged candy and candy bars

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Swedish candy at the loose candy bins, you can always pick up some packaged Swedish candy bars. Even with the diverse foreign food selection at my grocery store back home, I’d never seen of any of these candy bars before.
DSC03164I also became addicted to this Swedish gummy candy and was sorry when my supply ran out.

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