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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in Singapore for August 2018

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has swept the smartphone competition aside with its powerhouse specs and sleek new looks, so here’s your chance to figure out what all the fuss is about without blowing up your wallet. This page is for savings on huge data, budget plans, or simply the best overall value in a contract in Singapore. If you’re looking for the Australian page check out the best Australia Samsung Galaxy S8 deals, or if you’re after the UK or US, head to the best Galaxy S8 plan in the UK or the best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in the US.

We’ve had a look at the three main selling points when it comes to a new Samsung Galaxy S8 plan — the best budget option, the biggest data plans, and the best overall value — choosing one of each across the three major networks. Singapore is a complex market for phone plans, however, and given all of the extra-data bundles on offer from each provider, you should definitely have a go at altering one of our recommended deals with some extra data if it doesn’t quite meet your needs as is.

Although the recent arrival of telco Circles.Life on the market has made a splash, it doesn’t offer any plans that include the Samsung Galaxy S8 handset. It does sell the handsets outright or in instalments, however, which would pair nicely with their impressive plan (the only one they offer) that provides a baseline of 6GB of data and unlimited WhatsApp usage for $28 a month.

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The best Galaxy S8 deals (September 2018)

Here we’ve gathered three of the best deals across all the networks at the top of the guide, all of which are chosen purely on their respective values (as we don’t manipulate the results for commercial gain). Below that you’ll find the top deals section from the three major networks, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

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